II just checked this blog and see that I haven’t posted anything in almost 6 months. I hope you all don’t think I’m ghosting you!

What have I been up to?

What have any of us been up to in this crazy, joyous, painful and obviously important transitional year? [I recall the Dylan line from Desolation Row: when you asked how I was doing, was that some kind of joke?]

Well, I actually have some news (or is it: I have some actual news). I’ve got a book coming out. The Poetry Box will be publishing my series of coronavirus poems, titled World Gone Zoom: Notes from the American Epicenter, in Spring 2021. The poems comprise a diary-in-verse of the NYC lockdown in the pandemic’s first wave.

I am happy to be working with The Poetry Box people. They put out my first published work, “David Lerner: One for the Holidaze,” in their themed journal The Poeming Pigeon. [The piece is centered around some partying on Thanksgiving 1967. You can find it in the archives of this blog, if you’re curious as to the details.]

I went to Portland Oregon to read that piece, got to meet the publishers in person (remember that?) and spend an evening with their community. A fun time with a great bunch of folks.

I’ve continued with poetry. Here are a few of my more recent short pieces.

Hope you like them.

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Henry Grimes 4.19.20

we lost another
sweet soul
this week

for the
second time

given up for dead
in the late 60s
henry was discovered
in 2002

for the 
second time

his second career
was longer
than his first

i feel blessed
to have seen him
many times

once i saw him
play a duet 
with himself

round bass notes
by airy harmonics

i hope you
come around